My intention is to be mindful of the whole person and attentive to all areas of your life. When necessary, I provide treatment with medications, but I also emphasize a range of wellness practices that include meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, exercise, nutrition, and other forms of integrative medicine. We work together as partners to develop an individualized plan.

Issues addressed include: substance use problems, other addictive behaviors, depression, anxiety, mood instability, stress, grief and loss, anger, and relationship issues. I am board-certified in addiction medicine, and I have a particular interest in helping people with substance use problems and other addictive behaviors (such as compulsive sex, gambling, gaming, internet use, or eating). 

My goal is to help you go beyond “symptoms” to achieve optimal emotional and physical health—to help you to realize your goals and find greater joy and peace in your life

In addition to ongoing treatment, I am also available for second opinions and one-time consultations.



26 West 9th Street,

New York City


26 Court St,

Brooklyn Heights